Free Frank: New Philadelphia Illinois  
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New Philadelphia Illinois Historic Preservation Foundation, Founder and Executive Director, Dr. Juliet E.K. Walker  
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History of Free Frank
History of New Philadelphia
The Underground Railroad
Architechture and Geography

History of Free Frank: Tables: Index

1. Approximate birth and death dates of Free Frank's surviving children 24
2. Kentucky and Pulaski County population, 1800-1830 29
3. Free Frank's land acquisitions in Kentucky, 1821-1829 55
4. Illinois and Pike County population, 1810-1860 78
5. Average market commodity prices in Pike County, 1833-1835 88
6. Real property purchased by Free Frank and his sons in Pike County, 1830-1839 94
7. Hadley township public land sales, 1833-1850 102
8. New Philadelphia town lots sold by Free Frank, 1837-1854 126
9. New Philadelphia town lots sold by others, 1844-1854 127
10. Occupational distribution of New Philadelphia towns-people, 1850 133
11. New Philadelphia Post Office records, 1849-1853 135
12. Taxes on Free Frank's farmland for 1853 155
13. Assessed valuation of New Philadelphia town lots in 1848, and prices of town lots sold for estate settlement in 1858 161
14. Free Frank family members purchased, 1817-1857 162
Chart: Descendants (partial) of Free Frank and Lucy McWorter

  Reprinted With Permission from Dr. Juliet E.K. Walker; ©Copyright Juliet E.K. Walker, Free Frank: A Black Pioneer on the Antebellum Frontier (Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 1983, 1995). Reproduction in Whole or In Part is Prohibited without Written Permission.